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Why Conservation?

Energy services are evolving. More utilities rely on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy—such as solar and wind—to meet future load growth. In addition, Washington state requires electric utilities to pursue cost-effective energy-efficiency measures in their service territories. PenLight has long been at the forefront of this effort. Thousands of members have participated in our […]

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PenLight Board Members Reelected

Peninsula Light Company has nine directors on its Board. Each year, three seats are up for election. This year, incumbents Signo Uddenberg and Spence Nordfors ran for reelection. Candidates selected by the Election Committee to run aside the incumbents were Jud Morris, Mackenzie Pinch, James Smalley and Rand Wilhelmsen. Any qualified candidate can apply for […]

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PenLight and Reliability

For more than a decade, our Board of Directors has outlined a capital plan to continue to improve the reliability of our system. When our current CEO joined us he took that plan to the next level, challenging the staff to strive for the first quartile of reliability. The strategy was to replace overhead lines […]

Graph of reliability in industry quintiles, rising from 4th quintile in 2005 to 1st quintile in 2013..
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How Electric Reliability Is Measured

The reliability of a system is measured by the perceptions of those who use the system—our members—but the PenLight staff also baselines our performance by calculating indices based on industry standards (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers standard IEEE-1366). The standards provide equations for averaging how long each member was out of power and the […]

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Surrounded by Water

We are a water-centric community. While the Puget Sound provides an unparalleled recreational abundance of sea water, we cannot drink, cook, bathe or water our lawns with it. Quality of life in the peninsulas boils down to the continuous need for copious amounts of fresh, clean, healthy water. All of the water used on the […]

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PenLight Water Department Services and FAQs

Services Water Quality Testing Water quality is a real concern for our growing community as state and county agencies add new requirements for water testing. PenLight Water Services can provide a complete analysis of your water, identifying any possible microbial or chemical contaminants. If necessary, we can disinfect your water source and implement other water […]

U.S. Average: 12.9¢ per kWh. WA 9.7¢, OR 10.7¢, ID 10¢, UT 11¢, AZ 12.4¢, MT 11¢, ND 10.3¢, MN 13¢, SD 11.8¢, WY 11.4¢, NE 11¢, IA 12.3¢, WI 14.4¢, VT 17.7¢, NH 19.2¢, MA 20.1¢, RI 18.3¢, NY 18¢, MI 15.4¢, CT 20.3¢, PA 14.2¢, IN 12.3¢, OH 12.6¢, WV 11.6¢, ME 16¢, NJ 15.7¢, DE 13.4¢, MD 14¢, DC 12.9¢, CA 18.3¢, MO 11.6¢, AR 10.3¢, LA 9.7¢, KY 10.9¢, TN 10.7¢, NV 12¢, AK 21.3¢, CO 12.2¢, KS 13.3¢, NM 12.9¢, HI 29.5¢, IL 13¢, VA 11.6¢, NC 10.9¢, SC 13¢, GA 11.9¢, OK 10.6¢, TX 11¢, AL 12.6¢, MS 11.1¢, FL 11.6¢ Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration. Numbers rounded to nearest tenth of a cent.
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How We Measure Up

Average nationwide residential electricity rates The nation’s member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives constitute a unique sector of the electric utility industry. All of us share a single purpose: to provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service to our members. This residential rates comparison map reflects the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration ( Average […]