Behind on your Energy Bill? PenLight can help.

Governor Inslee’s utility moratorium proclamation suspending electric service disconnections has lifted. As your local power provider and neighbor, Peninsula Light Company can help with past-due bills in a variety of ways:

  • Assisting in signing up for PrePay, our long-term repayment plan
  • Checking your eligibility for Project Help, our payment assistance program
  • Creating a short-term payment plan
  • Connecting with community partners that assist with financial support

During the pandemic, PenLight established additional steps to reach members that accrued unpaid balances and may potentially be affected by the moratorium ending:

  1. Expanded and extended our payment assistance program, Project Help
  2. Sent detailed monthly billing statements
  3. Sent past due notices a week after the due date
  4. Organized automated phone calls after the past due notices expired
  5. Made personal calls to members to offer assistance and/or set-up payment options
  6. Delivered door tags every 3 months advising past due and offered Project Help/assistance agencies
  7. Sent personalized COVID letters every month advising of past due and offered Project Help/assistance agencies
  8. Delivered Pierce County flyers advising of Arrearages Program offering up to $2,500.00 in utility assistance
  9. Included information via social media,, Lights newsletter and bill inserts

We are ready and available to help. Please call 253-857-5950 to learn about your options and how to avoid being impacted by the moratorium.


Past COVID Responses and Payment Assistance by PenLight:

PenLight’s Board of Directors approved Resolution 2020-04 adopting Peninsula Light Company’s COVID Member Assistance Recovery Response. Governor Inslee’s disconnect and late fee mandate (Proclamation 20-23.6) lifts on August 1. PenLight supports our members and is here to help with payment options to avoid being disconnected. Contact us at 253-857-5950.

PenLight’s COVID-Responses to date

PenLight’s COVID Member Assistance Recovery Response

2020-04 Resolution approving expansion and extension of Member Assistance program (SIGNED)